C. Canal et al. Special issue: Plasma Medicine - part I. Plasma Processes and Polymers

C. Canal, A. Espona-Noguera, F. Tampieri. Special issue: Plasma Medicine - part I. Plasma Process. Polym., Vol 20, September 2023, e2370019. OPEN ACCESS.

doi: doi: 10.1002/ppap.202370019


This special issue of Plasma Processes and Polymers focuses on the diverse range of applications and advancements in the field of plasma medicine, as showcased by the scientific papers featured in this Part I of the special issue. Plasma - also referred to plasma gas, cold plasma, cold atmospheric plasma - as well as plasma-treated liquids have gained significant attention for their potential in various medical settings, including microbial decontamination, wound healing, cancer treatment, and drug delivery. The papers presented in this special issue highlight the significant contributions of plasma technology in advancing healthcare practices. Framed within the activities of the PlasTHER COST Action CA20114, titled “Therapeutical Applications of Cold Plasmas”, this special issue, encompassing Parts I and II, provides excellent examples of ideas and applications where plasma could potentially be employed to revolutionize healthcare.

This first part of the special issue includes a scientific perspective, a review article and seven research articles that showcase and highlight the potential and advancements of this technology in the medical field. By discussing these research findings and their implications, the authors aim to provide insights into the future prospects and challenges associated with the utilization of plasma in medical applications. This compilation of cutting-edge research points out the expanding frontiers of plasma medicine and its potential in healthcare. (...)