The dissemination of science, a priority

The dissemination of science, a priority

During this week, several BBT researchers have carried out science dissemination tasks, such as participating in three YouTube videos where, on the one hand, we explain the research carried out at the BBT and, on the other, we represent the diversity that prevails at UPC.

Scientific outreach is one of the missions of the researchers who are part of the Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering Research Group at UPC.

In this sense, there are many members of the BBT who carry out dissemination tasks; from workshops at institutes to talks at different events, participation in social media campaigns and interviews with the media and participation in radio and television programs.

Last week, precisely, three outreach videos were released with the participation of several BBT researchers.

On the one hand, Prof. Maria-Pau Ginebra explains, in a didactic and fun way, what tissue engineering is and how we can guide the cells of our body to behave in a certain way. The video is part of the "Sciencescapes" series, created by the School of Engineering Barcelona Est (EEBEof the UPC to bring science closer to society. 

On the other hand, Industrial PhD student Linh Johansson, with brief appearances by David Piñera and Patricia López, are part of the UPC video "No matter where, UPC is there", where researchers from different parts of the planet meet up at our university, an open and cosmopolitan institution where everyone is welcome.

Finally, ERC researcher and ICREA Award winner Cristina Canal is one of the protagonists and main point of interest in the "Welcome to UPC" video. As a curiosity, there are some more familiar faces that you can "search" and find in this institutional presentation of our university.