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The BBT presents its research at RE-Search 4 Talent

BBT researchers and professors Carles Mas-Moruno and Daniel Rodríguez were the visible face of our research group at the 6th Edition of the RE-Search 4 Talent, organized by the Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), on the 20th May 2020.
The BBT presents its research at RE-Search 4 Talent

The 6th edition of the IBEC "RE-Search 4 Talent" Open Day took place on 20 May. This year, due to the situation of the covid-19, the format was adapted to an online session.

The main goal of this open day is to attract talented students who are at a key moment in their careers, when they need to decide on their professional future and whether they want to start a research career.

The BBT Research group participated with an online presentation, followed by a colloquium with two of its researchers, Carles Mas-Moruno and Daniel Rodriguez. 20 people signed the presentation and the colloquium lasted much longer than the planned half hour, out of interest shown by the participants in the BBT research.