The BBT leads the UPC Doctoral School competitions

The BBT leads the UPC Doctoral School competitions

Milica Zivanic and Sílvia Gómez, both PhD students at BBT, 1st and 3rd in the "Present your thesis in 4 minutes" UPC competition. Zivanic will represent our university in the final of the competition, which will be held at CaixaFòrum Lleida on June 22nd. Patricia López, who is also a PhD student in our research group, was the winner of the #HiloThesis 2023 and will represent the university at national level.

Last Friday, the Doctorate School of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC) selected the three best presentations of the "Present your thesis en 4 minutes", as well as the best Twitter thread of the third edition of the scientific popularization contest #HiloTesis.

Milica Zivanic, PhD student at BBT, has been chosen as the representative of the UPC in the "Presenta la teva tesi en 4 minuts" contest, organized by Fundació Catalana per la Recerca i la Innovació, with the support of Generalitat de Catalunya. The aim of the competition is to challenge doctoral students, from any scientific discipline, to explain their research for a maximum of 4 minutes, using simple and easily understandable language, for a general audience.

Milica was chosen as UPC's representative in the institutional final of 'Presenta la teva tesi en 4 minuts' competition, in which the 12 Catalan universities participate, that will be held in Lleida on June 22nd. If you want to know more about Milica's thesis, "Fighting cancer with plasma and hydrogels" (co-directed by Dr. Cristina Canal and Dr. Abraham Lin (Universiteit Antwerpen)), take a look at her video ("Cancer treatment written in the stars") here ⬇️

Silvia Gómez, on the other hand, was ranked 3rd in the competition. Silvia is a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. José M. Manero. You can learn more about her thesis, "Design of a corneal keraprosthesis with antibacterial and antifrotic capacity" in her video-presentation ⬇️

Finally, you can watch them present their thesis live last Friday in 4 minutes (minute 1:16:10 for Milica and 1:25:00 for Sílivia) ⬇️



The winner of the #HiloTesis competition, and representative of UPC in the national final, was Patricia López. López is a student in the PhD program in Biomedical Engineering and is developing her thesis on "Multifunctional Hydrogels for Advanced Regenerative Therapies", under the direction of Dr. Carles Mas-Moruno. In her #hilotesis, Patricia details, with a close and plain tone, her research, focused on the development of multifunctional hydrogels in the projects "Bio-TUNE: Fine tune of cellular behavior: multifunctional materials for medical implants" (funded by the EU, Horizon 2020 research and innovation program MSCA grant agreement No 872869) and "SMARTGEL: Bioactive and multifunctional peptide-based hydrogels obtained by bottom-up self-assembly for advanced biomedical applications" (AEI, PID2020-114019RB-I00), both led by Carles Mas-Moruno..

The initiative, promoted by Crue Universidades Españolas, in collaboration with Red de Divulgación y Cultura Científica (RedDivulga) by Sectorial Crue–I+D+i  and Fundación Ignacio Larramendi, which for the first time has endowed the prize with a remuneration economic, is aimed at PhD students and recent PhDs who must explain, in a maximum of 20 tweets linked in a thread, the research they develop.