The BBT lands at the World Biomaterials Congress 2020

The BBT lands at the World Biomaterials Congress 2020

During the the 11th World Biomaterials Congress, held in online format from 11th to 15th December 2020, BBT members have been Chairs of Workshops and Symposiums and have contributed with 5 oral talks and 3 posters.

The 11th World Biomaterials Congress was held online from the 11th to the 15th of December, 2020. The congress, the most important in the field of biomaterials, provides a global forum for sharing knowledge, discovering information, networking and discuss issues of trend in this area. During the six-day WBC 2020, several BBT members have been very actively involved in all the talks, symposia and activities that have been offered.

More specifically, Dr. Cristina Canal (ERC-APACHE) was Chair, together with Prof. Diego Mantovani, of the Virtual Workshop on "Cold plasma surface modification processes for biomaterials and health"; Dr. Marta Pegueroles, together with Prof. Conrado Aparicio, of the Special Sympmosium "Bio-inspired Modifications of Surfaces"; and Dr. Carles Mas-Moruno  (BioTUNE), together with Prof. Matthew Dalby, of the Virtual Workshop "Fine Tune of Cellular Behavior: From Fundamental Research to the Clinics".

On the other hand, doctoral students Lluis Oliver, Joanna Konka and Victor Chausse and doctors Mas-Moruno and Español, presented the following oral talks:

Ll. Oliver-Cervelló, H. Martin-Gomez, M. P. Ginebra, C. Mas-Moruno. The power of peptides to mimic bone extracellular matrix: development of a multifunctional engineered scaffold. 

H. Martin-Gomez, I. Sánchez, Ll. Oliver-Cervelló, V. Marchán, C. Mas-Moruno. A click-based chemical toolkit to functionalize biomaterials. 

J. Konka, J. Buxadera, M. Espanol, M.P. Ginebra. Direct ink writing of hierarchically porous biomimetic hydroxyapatite scaffolds: adding concavities to the convex filaments. 

V. Chausse, T. Fox, B. Ségry, F. Mücklich, M. Pegueroles. 3D-printed PLLA/PCL bioresorbable stents with tunable characteristics by solvent-cast direct-write technique. 

M. Espanol, T. Andreu, M. Biset, J.M. Sadowska, C. Lafferrenderie, M.P. Ginebra. Deciphering the innate Antimicrobial Potential of Nanostructured Calcium Phosphates. 

And Dr. Labay, Rodriguez and Mas-Moruno the following posters:

C. Labay, I. Hamouda, M. Roldán, I. Mallor, M.-P. Ginebra, C. Canal, Cold Atmospheric Plasma Generation of Reactive Species in Hydrogel-Forming Natural Biopolymers. 

E. Vidal, R. Rupérez, D. Rodriguez. One-step electrodeposition of calcium phosphate coatings doped with antimicrobial compounds on titanium. 

J. Minguela, L. Llanes, M. P. Ginebra, J. J. Roa, C. Mas-Moruno. Synergizing topographical and chemical modifications for improved zirconia surfaces: laser patterning and peptidic functionalization.

All those who attended the congress can consult the Workshops, Symposia, talks and posters on the WBC2020 website for a limited period of time.