Mimetis Biomaterials, new ‘spin-off’ in bone regeneration

Mimetis Biomaterials, new ‘spin-off’ in bone regeneration

The company Mimetis Biomaterials was established in 2013, as a "spin off"' of the BBT, dedicated to developing technologies and materials for bone regeneration.

Researchers David Pastorino, Yassine Maazouz, Xavier Gil and Maria Pau Ginebra, members of the Research Group in Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering are at the forefront of this spin-off of the UPC, focused on transferring the results of the research conducted at the University to the market .

One of the materials that will develop Mimetis Biomaterials (before Subtilis Biomaterials) is a last generation injectable calcium phosphate foam with inherent biological properties. It is able to facilitate, and even induce, biological processes that will end up materializing in the regeneration of the lost bone, and that could be also used as a system for drug release. The material can be injected by means of minimally invasive surgery and hardens once implanted in the human body. This set of properties of the product represents an important innovation compared to other bone regeneration materials currently on the market .

The need for such materials is growing because of,  among other reasons, an aging population and the increasing incidence of diseases related to bones, such as osteoporosis, osteosarcoma, osteomyelitis or vertebral fractures. In fact, the bone tissue is transplanted more frequently, with approximately 1 million procedures annually in Europe. Synthetic materials represent a very attractive option that is gaining strength, both in the field of orthopedic surgery and in dentistry. 

Moreover, Mimetis Biomaterials also has a versatile and innovative technology for the manufacture of synthetic microgranules, which have various applications, such as increasing bone mass, often necessary before placing a dental implant, or regeneration of bone defects caused byopen fractures or tumor resections. It is expected that this technology significantly reduces production costs of the material and makes possible the implementation of procedures for bone regeneration in a much larger number of patients.

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