Mar Bonany presents her PhD thesis

Mar Bonany presents her PhD thesis

Dr. Mar Bonany, FPI PhD student, funded by Agencia Estatal de Investigación (AEI), presents her doctoral thesis at EEBE.

On March, 4th, Mar Bonany, PhD student in the Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering Group, defended her doctoral thesis at EEBE (UPC).

Dra. Bonany presented her thesis on "Nanotechnology-based approaches for bone tissue engineering", directed by Prof. Maria-Pau Ginebra and Dr. Montserrat Español.

The thesis board was formed by Dr. Marta Pegueroles (UPC),  Dr. Román Pérez (UIC) and Dr. Stéphanie Sarda (University of Toulouse, France).

During her doctorate, Dr. Bonany spent 3 months (Sept-Dec 2018) at the Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine (MERLN) at the University of Maastricht (UM) in the Netherlands. During this time, she was able to carry out a project for the "Quantification of the internalization of ion-doped hydroxyapatite nanoparticles in bone cancer cells. Improvement of this internalization and studies of the mechanism of cellular death".