Kanupriya Khurana, Romain Schieben i Anna Díez-Escudero present their PhD Thesis
PhD Thesis presentations

Kanupriya Khurana, Romain Schieben i Anna Díez-Escudero present their PhD Thesis

Dr. Kanupriya Khurana, Dr. Romain Schieber and Dr. Anna Díez-Escudero, members of the BBT, present their doctoral thesis within the Materials Science Doctorate, in November.

Kanupriya Khurana, Romain Schieber and Anna Díez-Escudero, PhD students at the Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Thissue Engineering Research Group at UPC, presented their Doctoral Thesis on November, 10th at 13th, at the new Diagonal-Besòs Campus of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).

Dr. Khurana presented her tesis "Bone Regeneration by tuning the drug release from calcium phosphate scaffolds", supervised by Dr. Maria-Pau Ginebra, Dr. Cristina Canal and Dr. Frank Mücklich (Saarland Universität, Germany), with a jury formed by their PhD supervisers, Dr. Sergi Posta (UB), Dr. Guido Falk (Saarland Universität) and Dr. Montserrat Español (UPC). Dr. Schieber, on the other hand, defended his PhD thesis in "Novel functionalized and patterned surfaces for cardiovascular applications", supervised by Dr. Marta Pegueroles and Dr. Frank Mücklich (Saarland Universität), with a jury also formed by their PhD supervisers, Dr. Javier Fernández (UB), Dr. Guido Falk (Saarland Universität) and Dr. José M. Manero (UPC). Both PhD students were benefited with an Erasmus Mundus PhD grant for co-directed PhD thesis in the UPC and Saarland Universität in Germany, were they enjoyed 6 months research stays.

Dra Díez Escudero enjoyed a FI Grant for her PhD thesis "Tuning the biological performance of calcium phosphates through microstructural and chemical modifications", supervised by Dr. Maria-Pau Ginebra and Dr. Montserrat Espanol, which she presented to a jury formed by Dr. Cristina Canal (UPC), Dr. Iain Gibson (University of Aberdeen, UK) and Dr. Maria-Cristina Manzanares (UB). She enjoyed two research stays at the Department of Engineering Sciences, Applied Materials Science of the Uppsala Universitet (Sweden)  and at Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli (Italy), gaining the International Mention for the Thesis.