Joanna Konka and Diego Torres present their PhD Thesis

Joanna Konka and Diego Torres present their PhD Thesis

Joanna Konka and Diego Torres, members of the BBT research group, presented their Doctoral thesis in Bioengineering and Materials Engineering, respectively, at the EBBE on October.

Joanna Konka and Diego Torres, PhD students from the Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering Group at the UPC, defended their doctoral thesis on October 1st and 7th, respectively, at the UPC's Diagonal Besòs Campus.

Dr. Konka presented her thesis "3D-Printed Biomimetic Bone", directed by Prof. Maria-Pau Ginebra and Dr. Monserrat Español, with a court presided over by Prof. Pio González (Universidad de Vigo), together with Prof. Faleh Tamimi  (Qatar University) and Dr. Cristina Canal (UPC) as Secretary.

Dr. Torres defended his industrial thesis on the "Desarrollo de un nuevo Proceso basada en la Inyección 3D de tintas con carga metálica para fabricar prótesis porosas de titanio bioactivas y con propiedades antibacterianas", directed by Prof. José María Manero and Dr. Elisa Rupérez (UPC), in collaboration with Dr. José Antonio Calero (AMES), with a panel formed by Dr. Xavier Gil (UIC), el Dr. Javier Fernández (UB) and Dr. Daniel Rodríguez (UPC).

Dra. Konka was granted a FI Scholarship and Dr. Torres an Industrial Doctoral Scholarship, both awarded by Generalitat de Catalunya, for the realization of their doctorates.