Dr. Maria-Pau Ginebra, ICREA Acadèmia Researcher 2018
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Dr. Maria-Pau Ginebra, ICREA Acadèmia Researcher 2018

Generalitat of Catalunya recognizes the research excellence of Maria Pau Ginebra, Professor of Materials Science and director of the Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering Research Group of the UPC, for the third consecutive time, with an ICREA Academy distinction in the area of technology and engineering.

Professor Maria-Pau Ginebra is one of the 45 researchers of the Catalan university system recognized by the distinction ICREA Acadèmia by Generalitat de Catalunya in 2018 edition, which distinguishes the work of the most active researchers, in order to increase their research . These distinctions are aimed exclusively at university teaching staff that conduct research at the university and, especially, the one that is in a fully active phase in the expansion of its research activity.

The research area of Maria-Pau Ginebra, Professor of the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering at the School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona Est (EEBE) is the design of new biomaterials for regenerative medicine and the controlled release of drugs, especially in the field of bone regeneration.

This is the second time that Dr. Ginebra receives this award, having been one of the winners in the 1st Edition of these awards. In that edition, in 2008, a total of  40 professors from Catalan public universities received the prize to fund their research, considered as leading in their respective fields. The first 40 winners, among them the Director of BBT, Maria-Pau Ginebra, were elected by an international committee that valued their publications in recent years, the innovative nature of their work and other common merits in competitions scientists In the second edition, there were 29 winners. And in the edition of this year, there were a total of 45 distinguished with this accreditation.