Dr. Cristina Canal, guest researcher at the Round Table on “Nenes, dones i ciència”
"Nenes, dones i ciència" seminar

Dr. Cristina Canal, guest researcher at the Round Table on “Nenes, dones i ciència”

Dr. Cristina Canal, of the Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering Group, was one of the researchers invited to participate in the Round Table to publicize the work of the city's scientists and promote the scientific vocation among the youngest women, framed within the "Nenes, dones i ciència" seminar of Barcelona Activa.

Dr. Cristina Canal attended as a guest researcher at the Round Table on the “Nenes, dones i ciència” seminar, to publicize the work of scientists of the city and promote the vocation girls and young women towards science-related professions, held on Friday, March 16th at the Parc Tecnològic Barcelona Nord-Barcelona Activa.

The seminar, jointly organized by Ajuntament de Barcelona and Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona with the collaboration of Associació de Dones Periodistes de Catalunya, consisted of one round table with Dr Cristina Canal, principal researcher of ERC APACHE project, Ramón y Cajal Fellow and BBT member, Mónica Roca, CEO of IsardSAT and mentor of the Barcelona Activa scientific vocations program, Inés Mora, 1st year student from the High School Barcelona Congrés and Ana Frau Marhuenda, lecturer participating in the program "Vocacions científiques i tecnològiques". The round table was moderated by journalist Marta Cáceres.

During the event, diplomas were given to the students of the participating centers on the "Vocacions científiques i tecnològiques" program, and there was a monologue on generic engineering by Helena González, from the group of scientists  Big Van Ciencia.