Claudia García and Xavier Solé, at SIBB 2019
SIBB 2019

Claudia García and Xavier Solé, at SIBB 2019

Two PhD students of the BBT, Claudia García and Xavier Solé, presented their work at the XLII Congress of the Iberian Society for Biomechanics and Biomaterials (SIBB2019).

Claudia García and Xavier Solé, both PhD students at BBT, presented their research at the  XLII Congreso de la Sociedad Ibérica de Biomecánica y Biomateriales (SIBB2019). The congress, which was held in Madrid from the 15th to the 16th of November, 2019, brought together professionals from the fields of biomaterials and biomechanics in Spain and Portugal.

Claudia Garcia gave an oral talk on Electrochemical characterization and biocompatibility of zinc-based alloys for cardiovascular applications (C. García-Mintegui, L.C. Córdoba, A. Marquina, J. Buxadera, J.L. Cortina, M. Pegueroles). Xavier Solé, on the other hand, presented his work on the Synthesis and characterization of a 3D model of osteosarcoma for in vitro evaluation of the therapeutic effects of cold atmospheric plasmas (X. Solé, J. Tornín, MP Ginebra, C. Canal).

Both students are in the first phase of their Ph.D. In the case of Xavier Solé, the  student is working on his thesis "Study of the effects of cold plasmas on composite hydrogel - calcium phosphate biomaterials" (Supervisor Dr. Cristina Canal), associated with the ERC APACHE project. Clàudia García, meanwhile, has a CRCEME Scholarship to carry out her doctoral thesis in "Novel strategies in constructing multifunctional bioadsorbable cardiovascular stents with controlled degradation" (Supervisors Dr. Marta Pegueroles and Dr. José Luis Cortina) .