BBT's research, on national TV

BBT's research, on national TV

Dr. Cristina Canal and Dr. Cédric Labay, representatives of the BBT in two reports broadcast on La1's Telediari and La 2's La Metro show, respectively.

BBT has been present in two reports broadcast on the national public TV channels La1 and La2, only one month apart.

On March 16th, the report "Pharmaceutical products and medical technology lead patents in 2020" was broadcast on Telediario (the News) at La 1 channel. During the report, Dr. Cristina Canal, member of the BBT and leader of ERC APACHE project, explained her latest patent on a new biomaterial to fight cancer.

On the other hand, on April 15th, a piece was broadcast on the "The good influence of Besòs campus by Besòs river " in the program La Metro at La 2 channel. In this report, among other researchers of the EEBE, appears Dr. Cédric Labay explaining his research at the BBT.

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Los productos farmacéuticos y la tecnología médica lideran las patentes en 2020