BBT researchers carry out several research stays in Europe

BBT researchers carry out several research stays in Europe

Albert Espona, Milica Zivanic and Nerea García de Albéniz carry out several research stays at the Center for Oncological Research (CORE), the University of Antwerp (both in Belgium) and the University of Saarland (Germany).

During the last months, 3 members of the BBT have traveled to different European universities and research centers carrying out several research stays.

Postdoctoral researcher Albert Espona has just returned from spending a month at the Center for Oncological Research (CORE) of the University of Antwerp (Belgium), under the supervision of Dr. Angela Privat Maldonado. The main objective of his stay was to evaluate the potential anticancer effect of 4 plasma-treated hydrogel formulations on pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) in Ovo.

PhD student Milica Zivanic, meanwhile, has spent a month and a half at the same Center for Oncological Research (CORE) of the University of Antwerp (Belgium), in this case under the supervision of Dr. Abraham Lin. Milica has taken advantage of this stay to characterize the immunogenic and immunomodulatory effects of alginate-based hydrogels, treated with plasma (PTH), for cancer therapy, mainly analyzing different cellular markers that play a role in immune responses.

Both have carried out their research stays thanks to the funding offered by the COST Action PlasTHER (CA20114).

Finally, PhD student Nerea García de Albéniz is currently at the  Universität des Saarlandes, under the direction of Prof. Frank Mücklich, with the aim of creating groove and grid topographies on dental zirconia, using a femtosecond laser, in order to improve its biological properties.

Nerea has been able to carry out this activity thanks to the specific funding of her FI Grant from Generalitat de Catalunya to carry out research stays in centers outside of the country.