BBT research featured in ‘Algorrritmes UPC’ new podcast

BBT research featured in ‘Algorrritmes UPC’ new podcast

Newest podcast of the 'Algorrritmes UPC' series delves into the world of bioengineering to discover, with the help of our ERC researchers Cristina Canal and Maria-Pau Ginebra, how new materials can be developed to fight infections, or innovative therapies to treat bone cancer.

"Material Girls" of bioengineering in Catalonia Maria Pau Ginebra, Director of the BBT, and Cristina Canal, leader of the Plasmamed Lab, featured in new podcast "Bioengineering, in search of new materials for the human body". 

Surrounded by young researchers from all over the world, and in constant collaboration with other professionals in the sector, they work tirelessly on the development of new materials for bone and tissue regeneration.

Both researchers enjoy grants from the European Research Council (ERC) in order to, among others, carry out their projects BAMBBI (Advanced Grant, M.P. Ginebra), APACHE (Starting Grant, C. Canal) and TRANSFORMER (PoC, C. Canal).

If you would like to know more about them and their research, as well as the rest of the research being carried out at BBT, you can enjoy the podcast on iVooxSpotify and YouTube.

"Bioengineering, in search of new materials for the human body" is the 6th episode of the series "Algorritmos UPC", an initiative of the UPC to bring the latest scientific and technological advances to the youngest public in our country, by UPC researchers, and has the support of Ajuntament de Barcelona and Barcelona Activa..