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Prof. Ginebra's Publications during the last 5 years


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  4. V. Chausse, R. Schieber, Y. Raymond, B. Ségry, R. Sabaté, K. Kolandaivelu, M.P. Ginebra, M. Pegueroles. Solvent-cast direct-writing as a fabrication strategy for radiopaque stents. Additive Manufacturing, Volume 48, Part B, 2021, 102392. doi:

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  7. Y. Raymond, M. Bonany, C. Lehmann, E. Thorel, R. Benítez, J. Franch, M. Espanol, X. Solé-Martí, M.C. Manzanares, C. Canal, M.P. Ginebra. Hydrothermal processing of 3D-printed calcium phosphate scaffolds enhances bone formation in vivo: a comparison with biomimetic treatment. Acta Biomateriaia Volume 135, November 2021, Pages 671-688. doi:

  8. M.Á. Brennan, D.S. Monahan, B. Brulin, S. Gallinetti, P. lHumbert, Ch. Tringides, C. Canal, M.P. Ginebra, P. Layrolle. Biomimetic versus sintered macroporous calcium phosphate scaffolds enhanced bone regeneration and human mesenchymal stromal cell engraftment in calvarial defects. Acta Biomaterialia Volume 135, November 2021, Pages 689-704. doi:

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  10. J. Minguela, D.W. Müller, F. Mücklich, L. Llanes, M.P. Ginebra, J.J. Roa, C. Mas-Moruno. Peptidic biofunctionalization of laser patterned dental zirconia: A biochemical-topographical approach. Materials Science and Engineering: C, Volume 125, June 2021, 112096. doi:

  11. F. Tampieri, M.P. Ginebra, C. Canal. Quantification of Plasma-Produced Hydroxyl Radicals in Solution and their Dependence on the pH. Anal. Chem., 2021. DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.0c04906.

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  15. J. Franch, A. Barba, K. Rappe, Y. Maazouz, M.P Ginebra. Use of three-dimensionally printed β-tricalcium phosphate synthetic bone graft combined with recombinant human bone morphogenic protein-2 to treat a severe radial atrophic nonunion in a Yorkshire terrier. Veterinary Surgery. 2020;1–6. doi: 10.1111/vsu.13476.



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You may read Prof. Ginebra's full papers in the web FUTUR (UPC).