Dr. Judit Buxadera

PostDoctoral Researcher


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Short Bio

Dr. Judit Buxadera Palomero (Granollers, 1986) is Bachelor in Chemistry (UB), Materials Engineer (UB-UPC) and PhD in Materials Science and Engineering (UPC). She is currently working as a research technician at the Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering group (BBT) in the fields of Materials Science, Chemistry and Microbiology. Dr. Buxadera is author of nine papers in JCR journals, a book chapter and has done several contributions to scientific meetings. She has taken part in several national projects.

During the degree in Chemistry at the University of Barcelona, she did an internship at the Nanotechnology for Diagnostics group in the CSIC, led by Prof. Pilar Marco, dealing with the synthesis of gold nanoparticles for biosensing applications. During the Materials Engineering degree, she worked at the Technology Transfer service of the BBT group at the UPC, working in projects from different companies of the field of Materials Science, Biomaterials and Pharmaceutical, among others.

Her PhD thesis, entitled Development of polymeric coatings with combined antifouling/antibacterial properties for titanium dental implants, dealt with the preparation and characterization of antibacterial coatings on titanium, and was performed in the BBT group, under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Rodriguez and Prof. Javier Gil. During the PhD she did two stages at the University of Bary (Italy) and the Institute for Low Temperature Plasma (Greifswald, Germany).