Advanced Metallic Materials and Functionalization for Dental, Orthopedic and Cardiovascular Applications

Research Line Leader: Dr. José M. Manero

This research line aims to develop novel metallic materials and innovative multifunctional coatings to produce advanced biomaterials for a wide range of biomedical applications.

Our research focuses on the following objectives:

  1. Porous titanium implants for intervertebral fusion.

    Ti powder and SAOS2 cells on top of a porous Ti surface. © Meritxell Molmeneu; Porous Ti dental implants osteointegration. © Mònica Ortiz

  2. Design and synthesis of novel multifunctional coatings to biofunctionalize implant materials with multivalent peptides, peptidomimetics, recombinant protein fragments and nanopolymeric systems, combining a variety of biological functions.

    Stem Cells on top of functionalized Ti surfaces. © Roberta Fraioli  "In vivo" studies with functionalized Ti implants. © Luis M. Delgado

  3. 3. Design of new hemocompatible surfaces and coatings for cardiovascular applications with anti-trombogenic properties. Development of new biodegradable (robocasting).

    PLLA stent produced by robocasting. © Yago Raymon; Lineal  pattern by interferometry and oriented cells on top of a CRCo surface with a lineal pattern. © Romain Schieber

  4. Development of antibacterial surface treatments without antibiotics.

    Bacterial on top of a biomaterial. © Ana G. Rodríguez; Effect of antimicrobial treatments on Ti implants © María Godoy-Gallardo

  5. Ni-free titanium alloys with low elastic modulus and high strength for orthopedic applications.

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